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Radiance temperature
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Thermal Imager (Infrared-Camera)

DLR Remote Sensing Technology Institute

IR-Cameras: 1) Type FLIR E45 Detector: Microbolometer array (w/o cooling) Spectral range: 7.5 - 13 µm 160 x 120 Pixel Field of View: 19° x 14° Temperature range: -20°C - 250°C Sensitivity: 0.1 K @ 30°C Accuracy: +-2°C or +- 2% of displayed temperature Saves images in JPG format 2) Type FLIR ThermaCAM "Merlin" Detector: InSb (with Sterling cooling unit) Spectral range: 3 - 5 µm 320 x 256 Pixel Field of View: 11° x 8° bzw.

Results 1-1 of 1

Similar Measures

Subsequent references to data sheets are given which describe with high probability similar measured values. The selection is made on the basis of semantic affinity: