System to measure unsteady signals (AMIS III)


Measured values

  • Voltage
  • Pressure
  • Force
  • Acceleration

Description of facility

Facility is in service since 2008. It is used to measure voltage signals and to control test procedures (mobile operation world-wide possible). Ground based operation and in-flight operation possible (permission for DLR-ATRA A320).

  • 24bit delta-sigma A/D-converter with 512-times oversampling
  • 204,8MHz sampling frequency per channel
  • 1000 synchronized channels
  • 200 ksamples/second/channel continuously data throughput
  • Unlimited measurement time
  • Signal-to-noise ratio 108 dB
  • Channel separation 120dB @10kHz, 105dB @ 50kHz
  • Analogue low-pass filter 86 dB decrease at nyquist frequency
  • 0.001 dB peak-ripple factor in the passband
  • Realtime visualization of preprocessed data for control of test procedure (e.g. cp(x), cl, cd, cm)
  • Synchronisation of all Channels by internal or external link, GPS or IRIG-B
  • Input for synchronization by clock and 0° phase
  • Software trigger
  • Output for synchronization on measurement start/stop
  • Output of real time sampling clock

Located at DLR Göttingen/Germany


  • Measurement of unsteady pressure distributions at helicopter models in DNW-LLF
  • Measurement of unsteady pressures, accelerations and forces in wind tunnel tests at:
    • Helicopter models
    • Transport aircraft wings
    • Wind energy converters
    • Building models
  • Measurement of unsteady acoustic signals in flight tests

Literature / References

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Institute / Organization

Institute for Aeroelasticity


Dr.rer.nat. Holger Mai
Institute for Aeroelasticity

Dr. Frank Holtmann
Technology Marketing

Similar Measures

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