Sand Pycnometer

Sand Pycnometer Geopyc® 1360 from Micromeritics

Description of facility

The sand pycnometer Geopyc® 1360 from Micromeritics is used to determine the volume and envelope density of solid samples by volume displacement of DryFlo, which is a fluid-like medium consisting of small, solid particles with high flowability. The glass sample chamber (2,54 cm in diameter and 4 cm length at maximum) is filled with DryFlo and the weigh out solid sample in a volume ratio of 75/25. In terms of measurement accuracy and reproducibility, measurement of a single, big sample is preferred over the same amount of solid split into smaller parts. Furthermore, the test samples should not be compressible and should resist a force of 51 N without breaking apart. Additionally to the envelope density, porosity of the material can be determined if the skeletal density is known. One measurement takes about 5-10 minutes.

Institute / Organization

DLR Institute of Materials Research


Jessica Schettler
DLR Institute of Materials Research

Jochen Krampe
Technology Marketing