Spectro-radiometer, mobile

Measured values

  • spectral reflectivity
  • spectral radiance

Description of facility

Several mobile/field spectrometers located at DLR's premises Oberpfaffenhofen (type: ASD FieldSpec Pro FR, ASD Personal Spectrometer II, etc.)

  • spectral range: 0.3 - 2.5 µm
  • spectral channels: 500 ... 700
  • spectral bandwidth: 1.5 .... 10 nm
  • radiometric resolution: 16 Bit

For the infrared spectral range (FT spectrometer D&P Model 102):

  • spectral range: 625 - 5000 cm-1 (2 - 16 µm)
  • spectral resolution: 6 cm-1
  • radiometric resolution: 16 Bit


spectral reflectance of surfaces (vegetation, soil, natural and artificial objects) in the VIS/NIR spectral range.

For IR systems: spectral radiance + derived parameters (brightness temperature, spectral emissivity)

Literature / References

  • http://www.asdi.com/
  • http://www.ger.com/ground.html
  • http://www.dpinstruments.com/

Institute / Organization

Remote Sensing Technology Institute


Thomas Schwarzmaier
Remote Sensing Technology Institute

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Born
Technology Marketing

Robert Klarner
Technology Marketing

Similar Measures

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