Laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) measurements of optical components

Measured values

  • Laser induced damage threshold (fluence)


According to DIN EN ISO 21254-1:2011 and DIN EN ISO 21254-2:2011 optical components are irradiated with pulsed laser light and the occurrence of damage is monitored online by scattering light detection. In case of tests in vacuum pressure detection is used in addition. Any change observable under Nomarski microscope is defined as a laser-induced damage. The system has a detection resolution in the order of µm damage size. Statistical analysis of recorded data provides damage threshold fluence for laser irradiation, given in [J/cm²].

LIDT test setup is equipped with different Nd-YAG laser sources with frequency doubling and tripling (1064nm, 532 nm, 355nm, pulse width: 3-20 ns, repetition rate up to 200 Hz, pulse energy up to 500 mJ@1064 nm). The optics can be tested in high vacuum, ambient atmosphere or in pressurized condition.

Furthermore, after the tests optical surfaces are inspected by DIC-, scanning force microscopy or white light interferometry.


1. Determination of laser-induced damage threshold for optical components

2. Study of physical processes involved in damage

3. Surface inspection for investigation of damage morphology

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Institute / Organization

DLR Institute of Technical Physics


Paul Allenspacher
DLR Institute of Technical Physics

Dr. phil. nat. Dorothee Maria Rück
Technology Marketing

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