Optical Profiler

Measured values

  • 3D surface metrology


  • Veeco NT9100 profiler, vertical scanning interferometry (VSI) and phase shifting interferometry (PSI)
  • Objectives: 2.5X, 10X und 50X, motorized turret
  • „Stitching“ for measurements over large lateral areas
  • Auto stages for sample positioning, travel range: z: 100 mm, x,y: 150 mm
  • Vertical Measurement: 0.1 nm bis 10 mm


Non-contact 3D surface metrology of super-smooth to very rough samples, analysis software for surface parameters e.g., roughness, flatness, volume

Literature / References

  • Infobroschüre: http://www.veeco.com/pdfs/brochures/B506-Rev_A7-Wyko_NT_Series_Optical_Profilers-Brochure_(HiRes).pdf
  • Weitere Infos: http://www.veeco.com/pdfs/webinar-slides/A-First-Look-at-NT9080-webinar-slides-100408.pdf

Institute / Organization

Institute of Technical Physics


Stephanie Karg
Institute of Technical Physics

Oliver Miedaner
Technology Marketing

Similar Measures

Subsequent references to data sheets are given which describe with high probability similar measured values. The selection is made on the basis of semantic affinity:

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