Annular Test Facility Goettingen (RPG)

Measured values

  • Flows
  • Pressure

Description of facility

The facility is designed to perform aeroelastic tests (flutter and forced response) of compressor and turbine blading. It was built according to plans of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (LTT).

Technical specification:

  • Test section for annular cascades for subsonic and transonic compressor and turbine blading
  • Diameter of the test section: 400 mm
  • Blade height: 40 mm
  • max. upstream Mach number: 1,3 for compressor cascades
  • max. downstream Mach number: 1,7 for turbine cascades
  • max. mass flow: 10 m3/s
  • Investigation of non-rotating cascades: realistic upstream conditions of the blades (7) due to a radial-axial nozzle and an upstream generated pre-swirl (5,6)
  • Electromagnetic excitation of controlled blades oscillation in magnitude and phase
  • Up- and downstream probe measurements
  • Unlaboured instrumentation due to non-rotating cascades
  • Measuring aerodynamic forcing function and forced blade response by optionally installed rotating struts in front of the cascade

Located at DLR Göttingen


  • Design and optimization of new blade profiles for energy efficient aero engines and more efficient turbines in power generation
  • Aeroelastic investigations of blade profiles in the field of aero engines and stationary gas and steam turbines
    • Experimental investigation of the flutter tendency of compressor and turbine profiles
    • Experimental investigation of the aerodynamic forcing function and of the forced blade response of turbine and compressor profiles
  • Measurements of the unsteady pressure distribution on the blade surface using integrated pressure sensors (easy implementation)
  • Optical measurements and visualisation of the flow field due to simple and permanent visual accessibility (no triggering to a particular rotational position)

Literature / References

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Institute / Organization

Institute for Aeroelasticity


Dr.-Ing. Joachim Belz
Institute for Aeroelasticity

Dr. Frank Holtmann
Technology Marketing

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